The Braided River

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Explore the Weavers’ Trail journeys and choose which you would like to enter.
The trail follows a sequence: the traveller begins with Daweyo, continues with Lagyâno and then deepens her journey into Soitlâ.

There are two ways to pay for your workshop (full payment or subscription) with the option to request a bursary place (also full payment or subscription).
This means we have 16 different types of ticket or KUTI available. There is an additional KUTI option for women who are entering the Soitlâ journey.
In Proto-Celtic the word KUTI means small pouch, bag or bundle.

Subscription payments are scheduled monthly for the arranged number of payments, no matter how long you choose to travel your journey.
There is a reduced cost when you book all three journeys. Posted bundles are sent with free postage to addresses within the UK but a small additional
tracked delivery charge will be made at the checkout for all international destinations. This is spread over your subscription period if you are paying monthly.

Bursary places are available at a reduced cost if you receive benefits (low income, disability, pension credit), live on student grants and loans,
are aged 18-28 years, are a full-time carer, or if you would not be able to participate in this programme without bursary assistance.
Please email your request to us and we will send you a bursary code with which to purchase your journey.

Please read our cancellation policy here