The Braided River

KUTI 17 – Soitlâ Clan (ongoing monthly subscription – extra option for Soitlâ travellers)

This Soitlâ Clan kuti is only available for women who are already on the Soitlâ Journey. Please do not select this option otherwise.

Once you begin your Soitlâ journey, you have the option to join the Soitlâ Clan. This clan group may be entered at any time and runs alongside your existing trail journey. It offers an additional ingredient to your work with the Bone Dreamer: a trail-beneath-the-trail for Soitlâ travellers. It also enables an ongoing connection with the Braided River beyond the completion of your journey: a trail-beyond-the-trail once you complete your final footsteps.

The Soitlâ Clan is open to every Soitlâ traveller. It is optional and may be joined at any time. Travelling with the clan is not a better or more meaningful way to travel this arc of the trail, but it has the capacity to enrich and empower your journey, as well as offer you the opportunity to help tend the soul of this work and deepen your understanding of the Bone Dreamer’s house by connecting to the collective experience.

This ongoing monthly subscription enables you to travel with the Soitlâ Clan. This gives you access to an extra informal monthly zoom circle, facilitated by Carolyn, during which sisters explore their experiences within the bone dreaming house and consider questions that emerge from the footsteps being taken. These circles are additional to the monthly Weavers’ Trail kuro and not intended as a replacement. They are recorded for the clan sisters who cannot attend, but only available to watch for the next 13 days. A dedicated place on the Riverbank has also been created for ongoing contributions and conversations between Soitlâ Clan women.

A bursary option is available (Kuti 19) for women on restricted income. No code is needed to enter this kuti and we rely on you to make the decision about whether this is appropriate for you as your exchange for travelling with the clan. If you are still paying your monthly subscription for the Soitlâ Journey or the full Weavers’ Trail, you can join the clan but are not asked to pay anything extra until your other payments have completed. If you entered on a single Soitlâ Journey or single Weavers’ Trail payment, you are invited to join the clan and your subscription will begin 5 months after you started travelling with Soitlâ. Your clan membership continues until you are ready to step away from this Braided River; you can end your subscription at any time by email request. There is more information about the Soitlâ clan available on the welcome page once you have entered the Bone Dreamer’s journey.

£13.00 / month