The Braided River

KUTI 14 – Soitlâ Journey (5 month subscription)


Ninth Moon: BERYO KAMAWO – Carry The Sorrow

Tenth Moon: SNAD GWORO – Bind The Prayer

Eleventh Moon: YÎKKÂ MANTALO – Mend The Trail

Twelfth Moon: ERBYO ADSORO – Trust The Return

Thirteenth Moon: YÂLO WEGYÂ – Honour The Loom


  • Five sets of texts available as both online interactive moon journeys and as printable pdf files (around 200 pages in total)
  • Journey tasks and five sets of painting images – online and printable pdf file
  • Five roundhouse ceremonies recorded at night by firelight, including drumming and singing – pre-recorded films, one hour each
  • Five monthly live online kuro sessions with Carolyn – group zoom circles, 2 hours each, archived and available to view afterwards
  • Journey bundle – posted package of handmade and organic materials for sacred ceremony and craft work
  • Access to the Riverbank (online forum) and Soitlâ Gallery for the sharing of journey experiences
  • Access to the Riverbank Travellers’ Archive for sharing studies and projects
  • Suggested minimum journey time each moon is 13-15 hours
  • Option to join the Soitlâ Clan, an ongoing community for women who are on the third arc of the Weavers’ Trail. With additional informal monthly clan circles facilitated by Carolyn, and a place on the Riverbank created for clan sisters to share, exchange, support, honour and witness each other’s journeys with the Bone Dreamer.

Please note: a small additional monthly charge is made to cover journey bundle postage costs for participants living outside the UK.

Open to trail travellers who have completed the LAGYÂNO Journey.

£75.00 / month for 5 months