The Braided River

KUTI 18 – Heron’s Wing (ongoing monthly subscription – additional support for long-term travellers)

The Heron’s Wing kuti is offered to long-time travellers on the trail. Please do not select this option unless you receive an invitation to do so.

Every sister on this trail is travelling at a pace which suits her own journey. Each woman’s experience of the trail will encompass the undulations and meanderings that enable her to weave it into her life, her dreaming and her daily commitments. It is crucial that you do not feel rushed in your exploration of these journeys, moons and footsteps. However, it is also important for us to support you in keeping an energetic connection with the trail and in maintaining some momentum in your travels. Our role as guardians of the trail is to continue offering you full access to unlimited monthly teaching circles on zoom, the gallery archives and the riverbank community for as long as you wish, as well as supporting your journey through direct email questions and messages whenever that is needed. The Heron’s Wing will help us with the additional tending of your journey as your period of travel continues.

The Heron’s Wing is an additional small monthly subscription that you will be invited to sign up to once you have been travelling the trail for an extended period beyond your date of entering. This kuti will become relevant for trail travellers on the Daweyo four moon journey after 9 months, for travellers on the Lagyâno four moon journey after 9 months. If you have signed up for the whole Weavers’ Trail thirteen moon journey and you are still on the Daweyo or Lagyâno arcs of the trial, then we will ask you to sign up to the Heron’s Wing after 18 months until you reach your Soitlâ journey, when the feather subscription is ended – in effect this means we are saving your Soitlâ subscription or payment until you are ready to start that part of the trail. If you are on your Daweyo journey and also subscribing to the Heron’s Wing, your wing subscription is suspended once you step into the Lagyâno Journey. The Heron’s Wing does not apply to Soitlâ Journey women. This ongoing subscription may be ended by email request when you feel you have completed your current trail work or if you want to have a break from your journey for a while.

There is a bursary 3-month version called the Heron’s Feather please go to kuti 20 to select this option. You will be contacted directly to open a subscription with the Heron’s Wing or the Heron’s Feather when they apply to your journey. Please email us if you have any questions about this kuti.

£13.00 / month