The Braided River

The tributary is a collection of podcast conversations and recorded interviews with Carolyn that will be added to over time…

Crones, Hags & Elder Wise Women of Power Summit

Hosted by Dr Alison Palmer, September 2023
SONGS OF BEFORE & BEYOND: Travelling the Hag Road with Salmon Drum & River Rattle – A conversation with Carolyn Hillyer.

The Hagitude Sessions

Podcast hosted by Dr Sharon Blackie, February 2023
THIS MYTHIC LIFE: A conversation with Carolyn about Book of Hag, Weavers’ Oracle and her work with women’s archetypal mysteries.

Accidental Gods Podcast

Hosted by Manda Scott, July 2020
FIERCE TENDERNESS & WHITE HORSE HILL WOMAN: the teachings of Carolyn Hillyer. Click the play button below to hear this podcast

Journey to Dartmoor

Film by Gabriela Teplicka, October 2023
Created during a workshop journey shared by Carolyn with sisters from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, to celebrate the launch of the Slovakian Edition of the Weavers’ Oracle (

Honouring Björnmor  

Filmed in Arctic Sweden during midwinter 2023 by Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw.

Honouring Björnmor Ceremony created in gratitude for the mysteries of ancient ice. Bear Mother Drum made by Gun Hofgaard. Music from the album ICE by Carolyn Hillyer.


Reviving the Proto-Celtic Language
& the Ancient Ways of Women

Dreaming the Ancestors podcast hosted by Tara Brading (USA). Recorded in March 2024. Conversation with Carolynabout the ancient mother tongue and how we may use it in women’s sacred work.

Dreaming the Ancestors podcast