The Braided River


This is a very special place on the Weavers’ Trail – it is where we witness, honour and celebrate sisters who have completed all three journeys, all thirteen moons and all 533 footsteps of the Wedjê Kerdâ. This is a wonderful accomplishment for the travelling sister but also a profound inspiration for everyone who is undertaking a trail journey or thinking about stepping into this braided river.

Some women travel here with quiet tread and whispered song; others choose to weave into the nourishment of the trail community through all the different ways that happens. Some women will step out of the final footstep and set off through the mist to explore a new beckoning path; others will choose to continue their journey here in some form, spiralling around and deepening into their Daweyo, Lagyâno and Soitlâ experiences, discovering new possibilities to braid into this river. Everything is honoured here.

This is not a graduation or a completion or a finishing line; those words are far too linear for this trail! To fully acknowledge our travelling sister as she finally steps out of the Soitlâ bone dreaming house, we use the word blaidâ: a celebration or joyous ceremony to mark her arrival, to honour her return, to witness that she has found herself here. And kerdâ means sacred trail, pilgrimage and quest – she has truly journeyed through all three journeys with commitment, wonder, courage, intuitive wisdom and trust. We honour you, sister, with this Kerdâ Blaidâ.

Each Soitlâ sister is invited to offer some words to this page that might catch something of the essence of her journey and a photo of herself or, if she prefers, a shrine or sacred item that she has worked with during her travels. The arrival of women onto this page will be steady but slow; there may be three hundred women travelling on the trail at any one moment, but it takes dedication and time to reach, enter and fully experience the Soitlâ’s dreaming house. I give gratitude to each woman who has come this far and send blessings to your onward journey wherever that will carry you. You are an inspiration to all your trail sisters and we thank you for everything you have shared along the way.

(contributions arriving here soon)