The Braided River

KUTI 9 – Lagyâno Journey (full payment)


Fifth Moon: WERITO – Wild Earth

Sixth Moon: MADYO – Wild Waters

Seventh Moon: DRENKSTÂ – Wild Songs

Eighth Moon: DRAUGOS – Wild Spirits


  • Four packages of texts (teachings, mythic tales, contemplations, prayers, wise hands, wise feet and fragments) available as both interactive online journey and printable pdf file (around 150 pages in total)
  • Four sets of journey tasks and painting images – online and printable pdf file
  • Four teaching sessions – pre-recorded films, 60 mins each
  • Four drum song sessions – pre-recorded films, 20 mins each
  • Four monthly online kuro sessions with Carolyn – group zoom circles, 2 hours each, archived for later viewing
  • Shrine bundle – posted package of materials for sacred ritual and craft
  • Wild shrine ceremony – pre-recorded film, one hour
  • Access to the Riverbank (online forum) and Lagyâno Gallery for  sharing journey experiences
  • Suggested minimum journey time each moon is 8-10 hours


Please note: you are not able to enter this journey until you have completed the Daweyo trail – the last footstep opens the door…