The Braided River

ERBYO ADSORO Dreaming House Ritual & Soitlâ Fire Ceremony (film)

ERBYO ADSORO Trust the Return This film takes place inside the Soitlâ’s dreaming house and the pilgrimage lasts for about one hour. Before entering the ceremony you may wish to gather these things: your drum or rattle, your notebook, the hazel stick and red ochre from your travelling bundle, anything else you have created during […]

ERBYO ADSORO Final Footstep

FINAL FOOTSTEP Holding your fourth fragment from the jagged wolf tale, you have completed your ERBYO ADSORO ceremony within the dreaming house. You have laid trail sticks down to mark the returning path and more arrows were carved into the sacred sffondo while your footsteps carried you around this pilgrimage. Now you are ready to […]

38. Erbyo Adsoro: Wolf Tale (soitlâ’s fire)

ERBYO ADSORO: WOLF TALE (soitlâ’s fire) Perhaps we are starting to learn to look beyond the dazzling teeth and glinting claws… WHEN THE PLAGUE WOLVES CAME: Trusting the Return (fourth fragment) Our children have been the first to understand this. Cushioned inside their safe home-made worlds of sunlit tales and gleeful adventures, nested beneath the […]

29. Invocation To The Illuminating Woman (seventh trail stick)

INVOCATION TO THE ILLUMINATING WOMAN (seventh trail stick) The four WOMEN OF ASHES AND EARTH represent the physical, emotional and mystical aspects of a journey inside and beyond the perimeters of death. These women stand on the circle road, bearing witness to the ebb and flow of the moon, the many journeys of loss and […]

9. Ty’nebya Walked Past In The Snow (second trail stick)

TY’NEBYA WALKED PAST IN THE SNOW (second trail stick) Ty’nebya (mother of reindeers, the winter hag) has haunted the tales I write for very many years. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her on the track ahead but she remains elusive (as she does in this story fragment), although she always leaves behind some small […]

10. The Journey (third trail stick)

THE JOURNEY (third trail stick) The third trail stick is for the journey, described by the beautiful word KERDÂ, meaning sacred trail, pilgrimage or quest. Now we settle into the rhythm of the journey. Our feet make a pact with the ground, tying our spirits into the trail. Our bodies move like weaving shuttles through […]