The Braided River


WELCOME TO YOUR LAGYÂNO JOURNEY Dear sister, welcome to your LAGYÂNO JOURNEY. We celebrate the many footsteps you have already taken along the Weavers’ Trail and honour your continuing travels into this ancient dreamscape. This short recording is offered as a vessel that contains the empowering sisterhood in which you are embraced along this trail, […]

4. Briny Was The Seeing In That Salt Woman’s Eye (mythic tale)

BRINY WAS THE SEEING IN THAT SALT WOMAN’S EYE A briny tale may be as long as the full turn of a tide in its telling. This one was woven through with wind and waves and wild crags, as well as shifting shapes and the pulsing resonance of the great ocean drum. Born from the […]

6. As Wild As Otters Are (contemplation)

AS WILD AS OTTERS ARE There was a girl who liked to sing in the meadow and the morning. She was as sweet as clover. She loved to bathe in the laughter of the meadow and the morning, and to run by the clear river. That girl was as wild as otters. But there was […]

14. The Twisted Hazel (mythic tale)

THE TWISTED HAZEL Here is the dawning of the spring where new light rolls over the woods and meadows. Here is the land, freshly washed by the pale sun. Here is a silver cord of water trailing across the marshes. Here comes a cloud of small birds, swerving and chattering in loops above the ground. […]

15. Old Bride Well Dance (wise feet)

OLD BRIDE WELL DANCE This is a very old dance. The well which gave form to it is older still. A hidden water course runs down the slope to feed a spring, which in turn fills a well before splashing out into a narrow stream, travelling below tall trees, diving into a thicket of thorn […]

17. Brine-Washed And Kelp-Scented (fragment)

BRINE-WASHED AND KELP-SCENTED It is easy for me to be with rivers. For decades I have lived with their rhythms and flow, watched the regular transformation of stream into torrent, given my body into these fresh cold amber waters over and again. I have come to know their detail and their expanse, their sound and […]