The Braided River


WELCOME TO YOUR DAWEYO JOURNEY Dear sister, welcome to your Daweyo Journey and the beginning of your travels along the Weavers’ Trail. Please take this moment to view the welcome film below (15 mins). TRAVELLING ON THE WEAVERS’ TRAIL TRAVEL AT YOUR OWN PACE The Weavers’ Trail may be travelled at your own pace: unfurl […]

OIBELO Final Footstep

You have completed OIBELO, the Fourth Moon, travelling alongside the Hearth Woman with drum and coat and vessel and fire. You have gathered another 37 tiny river pebbles and this journey pouch is filled to the brim. You have reached the end of the Daweyo Journey and your sisters sit with you around the sacred […]

OIBELO Weavers

Click on a weaver to view the gallery Click here to download a pdf version of these paintings

OIBELO Journey Tasks & Further Wandering

Create your own OIBELO ritual. Make fire in whatever form you are able to access it: stove, fire place, small outside fire, lantern, candle. If you are not able to sit with a wood fire, add smoke to your candle fire by burning dried herb leaves or incense in any form. Wrap a blanket or shawl around […]