The Braided River

15. Making a Shydi Cloth (wise hands)

MAKING A SHYDI CLOTH There are many ways, of course, to create a shydi shrine for there are no rules to direct this process nor any particular pattern to follow. The root of the shydi is anchored by the intent with which it is formed, so it is best to begin by sitting outside, in […]

16. How to Make an Oracle of Bones (wise hands)

HOW TO MAKE AN ORACLE OF BONES Owl is a bird of death and northern winter winds. She is a companion of crones, enwisened women and night hags. Her bones hold understanding and deep stores of memory. Her eyes witness the unexpected and explore the limitless horizons of the soul. But these qualities may be […]

25. Neolithic Griddle Cakes (Wise Hands)

NEOLITHIC GRIDDLE CAKES (wise hands) This recipe has been used in our roundhouse for four thousand years (or at least twenty of those). The ingredients are simple and adaptable. The proportions are intuitively measured out so each batch is unique in taste and texture. The key is this: they must be cooked over a smoky […]

27. The Simplest Drawstring Pouch (Wise Hands)

THE SIMPLEST DRAWSTRING POUCH (wise hands) Long years ago someone showed me this pouch design while we crouched beside a dusty track amid the swirling chaos of a festival. Since then I have made, and shared the making of, so very many of these small pouches, using cloth or leather or felt or anything that […]

24. Making a Dream of Fire Oracle (Wise Hands)

MAKING A DREAM-OF-FIRE ORACLE (wise hands) How to make your dream-of-fire oracle. Choose your oracle pieces. They may be small smooth stones, sanded circles of wood, open-sided shells, slices of bark; any item from nature that will offer you a clear surface on which to paint, carve or scribe your symbols. You may, perhaps, wish […]

17. More From the Crone’s Wheelbarrow (Wise Hands)

MORE FROM THE CRONE’S WHEELBARROW (wise hands) Extracted from a much longer list compiled by one wise and canny hag, detailing the useful contents of her travelling wheelbarrow with comprehensive instructions about what to gather for your own. Kettle: a source of contention, surprisingly, for such a straightforward domestic item. There are those who maintain a […]