The Braided River

15. Old Bride Well Dance (wise feet)

OLD BRIDE WELL DANCE This is a very old dance. The well which gave form to it is older still. A hidden water course runs down the slope to feed a spring, which in turn fills a well before splashing out into a narrow stream, travelling below tall trees, diving into a thicket of thorn […]

29. Tracking the Songways with Pack Ponies (wise feet)

TRACKING THE SONGWAYS WITH PACK PONIES One midsummer we made a song trail across the wide north moor with fifty women and three pack ponies. We set out from the farm soon after dawn, with drums and food and all-weather attire.  The ponies were decked in harnesses handcrafted by song sisters from fleece and soft […]

21. Dragonfly Dance (wise feet)

DRAGONFLY DANCE By midsummer our bodies become inhabited by women who are as elusive as clouds. Or we may even turn into dragonflies, slight creatures of huge vision and a thousand eyes. In this form we will hold the unfolding story of the year within our minds as soft drifting thoughts, fanned and kept moving […]

21. Dancing Fires (Wise Feet)

DANCING FIRES (wise feet) Here are some fire dances. They have each been shared by many women over many years and draw on the resonance of far more ancient fire ceremonies. You might let these dances move through your imagination, dreaming your own dancing ground and ceremonial fire, a ritual place that will have meaning […]

4. Clay Pot Dance (Wise Feet)

CLAY POT DANCE (wise feet) This two-voice chant emerged from the old turtle woman story. The words clay pot may be substituted with any other vessel that has sacred significance for the dancers. Gather sisters to share this song as a prayer, invocation, lament or act of rebellion. FIRST VOICE                                       SECOND VOICE This is our vessel                              We sound our rattles […]