The Braided River

3. The Shrines of Our Mothers Are Singing (travelling tale)

THE SHRINES OF OUR MOTHERS ARE SINGING Across the wide-open moor there exists a hidden shrine, concealed within a dense forest that is far younger than the sacred stones sitting within it. It might take a day and night to walk there, or the shrine might be reached in just a few hours; there is […]

4. Sister Songs in Times of War (travelling tale)

SISTER SONGS IN TIMES OF WAR Over many years, a company of women who were curious about each other’s different lands and souls and cultures, decided to travel together for a while to see what else they might learn to be wise about. Their shared journey was hard won; not one of them found their […]

9. Solitary Hearths (Travelling Tale)

SOLITARY HEARTHS (travelling tale) There have been four places in my life that I describe as solitary hearths. Each held a fire at its centre and each gave me solitude and silence, for a few concentrated weeks, a rambling few months or a solid continuity of years. These places have borne witness to my moments […]