The Braided River

29. Invocation To The Illuminating Woman (seventh trail stick)

INVOCATION TO THE ILLUMINATING WOMAN (seventh trail stick) The four WOMEN OF ASHES AND EARTH represent the physical, emotional and mystical aspects of a journey inside and beyond the perimeters of death. These women stand on the circle road, bearing witness to the ebb and flow of the moon, the many journeys of loss and […]

9. Ty’nebya Walked Past In The Snow (second trail stick)

TY’NEBYA WALKED PAST IN THE SNOW (second trail stick) Ty’nebya (mother of reindeers, the winter hag) has haunted the tales I write for very many years. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her on the track ahead but she remains elusive (as she does in this story fragment), although she always leaves behind some small […]

10. The Journey (third trail stick)

THE JOURNEY (third trail stick) The third trail stick is for the journey, described by the beautiful word KERDÂ, meaning sacred trail, pilgrimage or quest. Now we settle into the rhythm of the journey. Our feet make a pact with the ground, tying our spirits into the trail. Our bodies move like weaving shuttles through […]

5. When You Fly With Herons (first trail stick)

5. WHEN YOU FLY WITH HERONS (first trail stick) Hold strong, sister of minewhen the storms come crashingwhen the bitter rains hit hardand the winds blow wildfeathered arms will hold you up as you search uncertain skieshoping for a route to guide youthrough the churning nightwhen you fly with heronswearing your silver-tipped wingsyou will rememberthe beauty […]

28. We Will Not Now Turn Back (seventh trail stick)

WE WILL NOT NOW TURN BACK (seventh trail stick) We are bold and brave, sisters, when we accept the challenge to be hunters in this primordial land. We will feel compelled to hunt, there is no question about that, but we are sure to be wary. Resolved, but knowing that our course will be uncertain […]

3. The Beginning (first trail stick)

THE BEGINNING (first trail stick) Nîs kamawo nîs di glenâ brîgo   nîs swend-e lergo  nîs weran okk-nu kamawo an okk-nu weido weran we are yearning we are prayer binding we are pathfinding we are returning yearning and returning to our wild home Our first prayer stick is called the beginning, KENTU-FFANSSÂ, which translates as: […]