The Braided River

23. Our Desire To Follow Hidden Rivers (teaching)

OUR DESIRE TO FOLLOW HIDDEN RIVERS There are things that we may craft and wear to remind us that we are beautifully bound to the ancient rhythms of the seasons, the profound depths of our wildest imaginings and the wide freedom of our unravelling trails. When we work with MADYO our journeys may bring us […]

27. The Amber River (teaching)

THE AMBER RIVER “I stood amid that muddle of masks and mirrors. I watched my old woman’s body reflected into a million versions of myself, all shifting and sliding around me, every single one different, each containing a fragment of my being. For the first time I experienced myself as a vast intricacy of pieces […]

25. Lagyâno Caught in Cloth (teaching)

LAGYÂNO CAUGHT IN CLOTH The ancient sisters of the loom clan sit around a great life-weaving worked upon a vast bowl-shaped loom. They weave the spirits of mountain, river, forest, tundra, ocean and other wild lands of the world. Their cloth carries all the textures, colours and patterns of the earth. Their name, shaman weavers, […]

24. Labyrinths of Stone and Water (teaching)

LABYRINTHS OF STONE AND WATER Sometimes a shrine will call out from a distant dreaming edge, to be given a place in the physical landscape. This might be surprising at first, and then become challenging, but eventually manifest in a piece of sacred purpose that feeds the land, even for just a few years, with […]

22. The Mazy Dance (teaching)

THE MAZY DANCE How might a mystical journey into wild land begin? We might walk many narrow rocky trails, wade through boggy valleys, splash along the edges of broad rivers, hold vigil for many nights inside dark forests, with hope and anticipation and patience. We may indeed meet the shimmer and shadow of wild spirits. […]

18. Stepping with Stones: Third Part (teaching)

STEPPING WITH STONES: Third Part (continued) NOKWE / NIGHT We arrive at this sixth stone ready to slip into the enveloping mysteries of night. Nokwe wraps around us like a coat, and we are glad to disappear into this place of unfathomable beauty and unknowable power. Nokwe spirits are gracious in their eternal embrace of […]