The Braided River

40. Cold Ashes (ninth sorrow bundle)

COLD ASHES (ninth sorrow bundle) The Soitlâ’s fire sits at the heart of this dreaming house. It is your place of beginning and of returning as you spiral through this pilgrimage. Each time you come back to this ancient hearth you are completing one layer of this ritual with the bone dreamer. You still have […]

39. Not Tough Enough To Keep Attached To Life (eighth sorrow bundle)

NOT TOUGH ENOUGH TO KEEP ATTACHED TO LIFE (eighth sorrow bundle) A fragment of mythic tale from the hag road… …Birch trees crowded that part of the woods, the young ones shedding fragile papery strips as they grew into tougher bark, the old ones sheathed from root to twig in dense protecting moss. When I […]

38. Arctic Lost Lullaby (eighth sorrow bundle)

ARCTIC LOST LULLABY (eighth sorrow bundle) There have been and will be many songs that reach out to the realities of our vast losses in this changing world. This one is offered with profound respect to those living on the precarious northern frontline, and with deep lamentation for the ancient ice on our planet in […]

37. Sad Songs Spill Unchecked (eighth sorrow bundle)

SAD SONGS SPILL UNCHECKED (eighth sorrow bundle) This forest hag has wandered across our trail before, but now we will sit with her through the silence of the night and reach into her thick coat, where she carries and protects the sorrows of the quiet land and the vulnerability of nature… Sometimes the earth herself […]

36. Diminishing World (eighth sorrow bundle)

DIMINISHING WORLD (eighth sorrow bundle) In the eighth sorrow bundle we carry this diminishing world, DEDA-BITU. Deda means die away, dissolve, disintegrate. Bitu is both world and life. The weight and magnitude of what is contained within this bundle is nearly impossible for us to fully understand and far beyond our ability to carry on […]

35. Drift And Hollow (seventh sorrow bundle)

DRIFT AND HOLLOW (seventh sorrow bundle) This story-song was written while travelling along the north-west Pacific coast through landscapes still deeply resonant with the sorrows of invasion and disconnection. The cursed cloth refers to the smallpox-infected blankets distributed to decimate the tribes; in some places (such as Haida Gwaii) over 90% of the people died […]