The Braided River

28. Sounding the Bones (songsmith notes)

SOUNDING THE BONES The ancient mother words are happy to accommodate an intuitive, or even anarchic, approach to pronunciation. This is bone language, remembered into your own bones and able to reflect your individual relationship with the words. However, here is some useful guidance about sounding these ancient words; this is drawn from my personal […]

25. Beading the Necklace (songsmith notes)

BEADING THE NECKLACE How to put the ancient bone words together? How to sing and pray and celebrate in this language? This is like stringing beads onto a cord; making and then wearing a necklace of words. Each word-bead carries its own meaning and when combined the word-beads make new meanings, shifting shape to fit […]

24. Weaving the Words (songsmith notes)

WEAVING THE WORDS Word-weaving is an ancient craft; finding the ancient mother tongue took my word-weaving endeavours into entirely unforeseen terrain. During the intense winter when I strung this language onto my loom, the bone words insistently filled every nook in my head, and all the crannies too. The decision to weave them into a […]

23. Awakening the Bones (songsmith notes)

AWAKENING THE BONES The bone words which we are carrying along this Weavers’ Trail are gathered from an ancient mother tongue that was spoken by our ancient ancestors across the islands of what is now Britain and throughout a wide area of what is now Europe. Proto-Celtic (or Common Celtic) is 4000 years old, emerging […]