The Braided River

ERBYO ADSORO Final Footstep

FINAL FOOTSTEP Holding your fourth fragment from the jagged wolf tale, you have completed your ERBYO ADSORO ceremony within the dreaming house. You have laid trail sticks down to mark the returning path and more arrows were carved into the sacred sffondo while your footsteps carried you around this pilgrimage. Now you are ready to […]

38. Erbyo Adsoro: Wolf Tale (soitlâ’s fire)

ERBYO ADSORO: WOLF TALE (soitlâ’s fire) Perhaps we are starting to learn to look beyond the dazzling teeth and glinting claws… WHEN THE PLAGUE WOLVES CAME: Trusting the Return (fourth fragment) Our children have been the first to understand this. Cushioned inside their safe home-made worlds of sunlit tales and gleeful adventures, nested beneath the […]

36. Yîkkâ Mantalo: Wolf Tale (soitlâ’s fire)

YIKKA MANTELO: WOLF TALE (soitlâ’s fire) …We began to suspect that we might only survive this present danger if we worked together in extraordinary ways, but to do so would first require us to negotiate a long and perilous path… WHEN THE PLAGUE WOLVES CAME: Mending the Trail (third fragment) In spite of our awful […]

YÂLO WEGYÂ Final Footstep

YÂLO WEGYÂ Final Footstep Noibo nanî noibo nanî askorno kadjo bîwo kadjo dijarâ kadjo kruwos kadjo noibo nanî noibo nanî blessed grandmothers sacred grandmothers these sacred bones this sacred breath this sacred earth this sacred blood blessed grandmothers sacred grandmothers  Now, sister, it is your turn to care for this place, to sweep the earth […]

35. Cave Journey: Meeting Spider (soitlâ’s fire)

CAVE JOURNEY: MEETING SPIDER (soitlâ’s fire) Here is the small black pot again, sitting heavily and darkly beside the soitlâ’s hearth fire. This pot is a cave and its opening is an entrance into the oracle of nights. Are you ready to step into this vessel once again? Lift the pot again and hold it […]

36. Glad For The Teachings Of Old Lands (soitlâ’s fire)

GLAD FOR THE TEACHINGS OF OLD LANDS (soitlâ’s fire) The road into the landscape of our ancestral mothers can be difficult, dangerous and dark. We may find ourselves searching for footprints that are barely there; clues and signs that disperse into ashes at the slightest breath. We may follow maps that take us nowhere, or […]