The Braided River

9. To See Our Future Path (second mending seed)

TO SEE OUR FUTURE PATH (second mending seed) So here we are sisters, setting out along this mending trail, but are we carrying the things that we might need along the way? We already know that a gathering pouch for berries is an essential tool for any woman travelling through wilderness. Perhaps our berry pouch […]

4. Gifts For Your Journey (first mending seed)

GIFTS FOR YOUR JOURNEY (first mending seed) This song is given into the trail as an undertaking, a vow to protect and heal. The gifts offered may be changed to fit what you yourself wish to lay down here with this first mending seed, as symbols of a journey that can be trusted unconditionally. What […]

21. We Will Guard Each Other’s Bones (sixth mending seed)

WE WILL GUARD EACH OTHER’S BONES (sixth mending seed) It is customary for women to share with our sisters the trusted, wise, ethereal and down-to-earth things that we know. Of no less importance is our promise to guard each other’s bones and to set each other’s spirits free should the need arise. Such promises are […]

19. When Heron Flies West (heron tree)

WHEN HERON FLIES WEST (heron tree) Beside this fifth oak in the dreaming house, we call again on the spirit of HERON and honour the unfurling journey of womanhood as we reach midwoman and the tumultuous years of menopause. When the heron flies west, where the midwoman waits for her last bleeding, we look out […]

17. Kindness (fifth mending seed)

KINDNESS (fifth mending seed) Our fifth mending seed is called MATI, kindness. The sister blanket was created many years ago out of concerns that arose from witnessing rare but raw moments when women sometimes forgot to show kindness to each other. It was named our charter of womankindness (we liked the play on words) anddesignedas […]

16. Strong Cloth (fourth mending seed)

STRONG CLOTH (fourth mending seed) It may not seem likely but this piece of old cloth is immeasurably strong. She needs to be for she has already been wrapped around a life and her task is not yet at an end. Perhaps it would be misleading to describe her as one cloth for she is […]