The Braided River

8. Songs for a Purposeful Path (second loom stone)

SONGS FOR A PURPOSEFUL PATH (second loom stone) THIS IS OUR CLAN Intention is declaration. Intention is belonging. Intention is feeling connected. Intention is claiming what is ours. Intention is trusting what we know to be true. (We met this song in the previous moon but here it is again!) Where our foremothers have laid […]

4. Revelation (first loom stone)

REVELATION (first loom stone) Our first loom stone is set down beside the first tree in the dreaming house. This place of revelation, GLANNDEYO, is where we begin to see what still waits to be found within the mystery of this bone dreamer’s journey. There is wisdom here, deep magic and intuitive understanding, subtle insights […]

6. The Hagetty Drum (first loom stone)

THE HAGETTY DRUM (first loom stone This song is joyous; it is contradictory and beautifully so. It is a celebration of a haggish perception of life, where what seems to be dense cloud and tangle is, in truth, intuitively wise, clear and free. If, in your life, you have not yet danced alone with a […]

7. Intention (second loom stone)

INTENTION (second loom stone) A prayer that is woven, or a song that is braided, or a tale that is spun, or a tool that is crafted: all of these serve well to catch our intention (MOLYEYO which also translates as prayer or invocation) hone our imagining and anchor our vision to earth. Sometimes it […]

9. The Journeys That We Create (second loom stone)

THE JOURNEYS THAT WE CREATE (second loom stone) Perhaps we do not always understand the journeys that we create, the symbols that we dream or the words that we speak. Perhaps this is one of the most humbling and exciting aspects of the journey, for we cannot ever truly rest resolved. There is always another […]

17. Truth (fifth loom stone)

TRUTH (fifth loom stone) The fifth loom stone brings us to the place in the dreaming house where the heron waits. The turning cycles of womanhood, the sacred female dynamic in wild land and the web of ancestral motherlines are all rooted into the earth beneath this tree. And within this pilgrimage of YÂLO WEGYÂ, […]