The Braided River

ERBYO ADSORO Introduction

ERBYO ADSORO Introduction We have been carrying  the sorrow, binding the prayer and mending the trail. Each of these pilgrimages, while encompassing crucial aspects of our own personal trail journeys, has also concentrated on what we can offer into the trail in our role of apprenticing with the bone dreamer. During this moon we will […]

YÎKKÂ MANTALO Introduction             

YÎKKÂ MANTALO MEND THE TRAIL Introduction We have carried our sorrow bundles and places them all around this dreaming house to honour grief and loss and pain and anger within ourselves, among womanhood and in the world. We have bound our prayers with bones into the dreaming house, making spells and invocations to strengthen and […]

SNAD GWORO Introduction

SNAD GWORO Introduction For our second ritual circle within the Soitlâ’s dreaming house we are going to BIND THE PRAYER. This cycle is focused on the summoning, anchoring and braiding in of prayer or magic or spell or affirmation or invocation or supplication. All of these words are formed around the same purpose: to shift […]

BERYO KAMAWO Introduction

WELCOME TO THE BERYO KAMAWO MOON (Carry the Sorrow) The final journey of this WEGJÊ KERDÂ takes us on an inward spiral, reaching deep into the hidden heart of the trail. The Bone Dreamer is an intangible and elusive primordial being; to find her we must listen close, to reach her we must travel hard. […]

DRAUGOS Introduction

WELCOME TO THE DRAUGOS MOON We have emerged singing from the trackway that has brought us from the marshes. DRENKSTÂ songs are twisted through our hair and peppered onto our skin like pollen. But the light is dissolving across the land, for our next moon sits quietly in the liminal places, the edges of night […]

WERITO Introduction

WELCOME TO THE WERITO MOON You are standing on the Weavers’ Trail at a threshold, where the DAWEYO path enters the LAGYÂNO journey. You have travelled through four moons with the Hearth Woman, braiding drum and coat and vessel and fire into your footsteps, setting down a strong trackway along which to root your experiences […]