The Braided River

19. When Heron Flies West (heron tree)

WHEN HERON FLIES WEST (heron tree) Beside this fifth oak in the dreaming house, we call again on the spirit of HERON and honour the unfurling journey of womanhood as we reach midwoman and the tumultuous years of menopause. When the heron flies west, where the midwoman waits for her last bleeding, we look out […]

18. When Heron Flies South (heron tree)

WHEN HERON FLIES SOUTH (heron tree) At the fifth tree in the roundhouse we return to HERON and the sacred blood road through womanhood. We have honoured girlseed and bloodflower; now we celebrate the place of  fruitmother and spinmother. When heron flies south, to the place of ripe fruit and quick spindle, we celebrate the […]

27. When Heron Flies East (heron tree)

WHEN HERON FLIES EAST (heron tree) The fifth tree in the roundhouse has always been dedicated to HERON and it is here that we anchor the female dynamic in wild nature and our sacred blood road through womanhood. As we circle around the soitlâ’s dreaming house within these five cycles of pilgrimage, we will pause […]