The Braided River

17. Brine-Washed And Kelp-Scented (fragment)

BRINE-WASHED AND KELP-SCENTED It is easy for me to be with rivers. For decades I have lived with their rhythms and flow, watched the regular transformation of stream into torrent, given my body into these fresh cold amber waters over and again. I have come to know their detail and their expanse, their sound and […]

20. Loku Lagyâno (fragment)

LOKU LAGYÂNO The loku lagyâno sups the arriving wind and tastes the briny. She hears the sigh, murmur, roar of heather tips and tall grasses as the flow of weather reaches the slopes. She watches the air cast glittering shards across the black surface of the water. The quiet sleep of the loku is suddenly […]

19. Those Greening Mothers (fragment)

THOSE GREENING MOTHERS We are filled by you, the greening women say to us as they wait for our ripening. When you are born to the one, they whisper to us, you are born to the many.  They remind us that in the lap of one wildwood mother, we are held by them all. Do […]

10. I Have You in My Senses (fragment)

I HAVE YOU IN MY SENSES I know you are there, seeing, hearing through your window into my landscape. You wonder, perhaps, how I come by this knowledge? It is simple; I can smell you. I can smell the earth on which you are standing and the air that surrounds you. I can smell your […]

5. Their Eyes Were Fixed Upon the Stars (fragment)

THEIR EYES WERE FIXED UPON THE STARS The sight of them surprised us so much that we shouted with the shock of it! Suddenly they were standing there around the corner, a company of ancestors crowded on the dusky path in front of us, a path that had been slowly, respectfully, carrying us through the […]

26. Notes on Notation (fragment)

NOTES ON NOTATION Music notation is a language as evocative and intricately textured as any other. It is not the same as the tune that is sung or the melody that is expressed through the instrument, but it is a way of anchoring those into a tangible and enduring piece of art. Notation is an […]