The Braided River

3. Nine Loom Stones (dreaming house)

NINE LOOM STONES (dreaming house) First loom stone is weaving REVELATION Second loom stone is weaving INTENTION Third loom stone is weaving INTUITION Fourth loom stone is weaving WISDOM Fifth loom stone is weaving TRUTH Sixth loom stone is weaving INTEGRITY Seventh loom stone is weaving MAGIC Eighth loom stone is weaving DREAM Ninth loom […]

1. We Call You (dreaming house)

WE CALL YOU (dreaming house) We have always been walking through this land, towards this dreaming house, around this loom.  We have always worn its vision like a wild skin, like a sacred cloth, like raw weather – but on the inside of ourselves. There has never been a time when this ancient braided river […]

2. Nine Trail Sticks (dreaming house)

NINE TRAIL STICKS (dreaming house) First trail stick is marked with THE BEGINNING Second trail stick is marked with THE POSSIBILITY Third trail stick is marked with THE JOURNEY Fourth trail stick is marked with THE SANCTUARY Fifth trail stick is marked with THE FREEDOM Sixth trail stick is marked with THE STILLNESS Seventh trail […]

2. Nine Mending Seeds (dreaming house)

NINE MENDING SEEDS (dreaming house) First mending seed contains GRATITUDE Second mending seed contains CLARITY Third mending seed contains BALANCE Fourth mending seed contains STRENGTH    Fifth mending seed contains KINDNESS     Sixth mending seed contains COMPASSION                         Seventh mending seed contains COURAGE           Eighth mending seed contains HOPE Ninth mending seed […]

2. Honour the Loom (dreaming house)

HONOUR THE LOOM (dreaming house) The weaver’s daughter prowled through the night, alert to the melodic rustling of warp and weft. The first loom had called to her by chance. She crept into the weaving house because her fingers itched whenever she passed near the door and she wanted to know why. She edged through […]

1. Trust the Return (dreaming house)

TRUST THE RETURN (dreaming house) Out of the far edges of wild marshes, wandering in lost land, circling through endless challenging  weather, how can we imagine that there can be a completion to this journey?  How will we understand that the trail which has carried us so far out to the edges of things, will […]