The Braided River

June Conversation

Hello dear sisters, we have tipped into the arms of summer and are dancing light-footed towards the longest day. I will add some more words here in the next day or few. Meanwhile here is the Deer Camp tent, newly risen on the land after being absent from the woods for a few years. It […]

Clan Conversation – June

Welcome, dear sisters, to our June conversation. Some new travellers have stepped into Soitla during the last month, including this sister whose painting opens our conversation: cosmic bear – thank you so much, Cherry. Our next Soitla clan gathering will be on Tuesday June 11 at 7pm (British summer time or UTC +1). I […]

June Prayer Tree

As we head towards the solstice, our midsummer prayer tree arrives beside the trail in the form of this antlered shrine (Dartmoor red deer, Siberian & Scandinavian reindeer). Please feel welcome to tie a ribbon, rag, braid or spun cord to an antler and offer your prayer, spell, blessing or invocation to the wild and […]

May Conversation

Dear trail sisters Here is the first thread of our May conversation. This offering is vibrant with Beltane spring energy and I invite you, every trail travelling woman, to sew a few words into the conversation cloth this month, whether you are a solitary traveller or a sister who likes to feel the collective presence […]

May Prayer Tree

Dear sisters, our May prayer tree is now open, accompanied by this photo from Elly: anchoring the shydi. The shydi is the collective spirit of all our individual shrines and wild sacred places – like a peg that holds the centre of a web of prayers, feeding out our share magic through all our connecting […]

Clan conversation – May

Dear sisters, welcome to our May conversation. The image this month is from Susan – erbyo adsoro, salmon drum. You may have seen this wee drum already, during our April kuro. Thank you for our profound May clan conversation where we explored the theme of anchoring our indigeny into our lives, work and spiritual journeys. […]